The framework for our patio awnings is made of very sturdy aluminium profiles.

Our enameled aluminium rust-proof profiles come in a choice of 3 colors: white, beige or black, and are maintenance-free.

Auvents Lalonde is equipped with MILLER 112 EXTREME CROSS SEAMER technology which fuses the fabric permanently and procures the advantage of eliminating the need for sewing threads that deteriorate over time. The fused widths are durable and seals are very tight. The 100% acrylic canvass used for our awnings is of premium quality on the market. Our suppliers, Sunbrella, Ultrasol and Dickson, offer a vast array of colors that satisfy the most discerning taste. Our canvasses come with a limited 10-year warranty.

A few of the advantages of owning a fixed patio awning:

  • Enjoy the coolness and shade under your awning during heatwaves
  • The floor and patio furniture are protected and stay out of the rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the warm season
  • The aluminium frame provides the option of installing privacy curtains, mosquito netting, solar screens, etc.
  • Our very sturdy aluminium framework system allows for a distance of up to 18’ between support posts, thereby greatly enhancing the visual space
  • Your awning’s canvass is secured by velcro straps making installation much easier.

Auvents Lalonde offers a seasonal plan that includes: canvass removal in the fall, surface cleaning, canvass storage and reinstallation in the spring, all for an annual flat rate.

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